Bruno hopes Sancho restores confidence

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Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes hopes the goal against Leeds United will help restore Jadon Sancho’s confidence.

The 22-year-old came on as a substitute and scored in a 2-2 draw for the Red Devils, his first goal since last September.

Recently, Sancho has been struggling with Erik ten Hag the team’s boss to get back on track again. And Bruno hopes that the ufabet goal in the latest match will help boost confidence.

“Hopefully that gives him (Sancho) confidence and encouragement for the future. Because we know how cool Jadon is,” Bruno said.

“We just need him with full confidence to bring out the best for the team.”

Manchester United next face Leeds United again, but it will be a trip to Elland Road on Sunday.

“It’s always two points dropped at our home,” he said. “It has to be tough for everyone to come here, score goals and gain points from us. We gave up a point to Leeds, we lost two points for us. We could have won the game, because we had the chances at the end, we were a little bit unlucky in some situations but it’s gone now and we have to look forward to the next game.

“At this stadium, with these fans, these players with the desire and the passion we have, it will never be a problem. It can’t happen, to be 2-0 down, but whenever we go down, it will never be a problem to fight back and turn around the result.

“Today I have